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November 30, 2017

12 Online Course Platforms to Make Money Teaching - Work at Home Trust

With the modern and advanced technology, it is now very easy to connect with people from anywhere in the world. With that comes new business opportunities for people who prefer working from home while taking care of their families. One of the easiest ways to start a business is by selling your expertise or knowledge to others willing to learn from you. The problem is usually finding clients, but it doesn't have to be anymore. There are many teaching and tutoring platforms that make it easy for both teachers/tutors and students to meet and either earn or learn. Here are twelve that may be useful to you...

Study Pool
Help students with their homework and earn 70-80% commission. You can login wherever you want, from anywhere in the world, and work as much as you want.

Teach and keep 100% of your revenue after paying a monthly payment of at least $27/month (annual payment). The basic plan comes with unlimited webinars and 1-to-1 video sessions with up to 25 attendees.

Udemy has more than 16 million students signed up around the world, so finding client shouldn't be very impossible. Starting a course is as easy as making an account and creating a course. It is free to join and make courses, but Udemy takes 3% of the revenue for payment processing fees when instructors bring students using their instructor coupons. However, if Udemy brings you clients through marketing, it takes 50% of your revenue. If clients come to you through Udemy's affiliate ads, you only keep 25% of the revenue.

Monthly payment plans start at $24/month (paid yearly) with $5/sale. There are many features such as unlimited courses, unlimited students, coupons and promotions, a custom domain, interactive e-book, and more.

Thinkific is user-friendly, no technical experience required, it has voice over slide tools, you get instant payment into your merchant account, fast bank transfer, custom domain, and more. Plans start at free forever with 10% transaction fees. The next plan is $30/month (billed annually) with more features.

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With 9% transaction fee, you can start with a free account that comes with unlimited courses, up to 100 course participants, website integration, forum, and more. The next plan is $23/month billed annually with 5% transaction fees.

Teachable is one of the very popular online course platforms. The basic plan is $33.25/month billed annually with 5% transaction fees. It comes with features such as custom domain, coupon codes, 2 owners, integrated affiliate marketing, and more.

Easy Generator
Starting at $26/month or £319/year, Easy Generator comes with features such as cloud share, 1 GB audio/video upload, coauthoring, and more.

SkillShare has over 3 million students and more than 17,000 classes. The first month is free and plans start at $7/month (annually billed). You can join the referral program from which you can earn $10 for every student you bring who signs up for a premium membership and earn monthly royalties on the minutes watched in your classes.

Educadium has a free trial and the first plan starts at $99/month for 500 users which comes with an unlimited number of courses.

Academy of Mine
Academy of Mine offers a free month and charges $99/month for the first plan.It comes with 25GB storage, unlimited number of pages, unlimited number of courses and students, activity tracking, custom domain, and more.

WizIQ is one of the most popular course platforms and comes with feathers such as live recording, student engagement, a whiteboard, tests and assessments, live streaming, polls and surveys, and more. The monthly subscriptions start at $27/month billed annually.

Ruzuku comes with a 14-day free trial. The first monthly plan is $74.75/month billed annually with features such as unlimited courses, unlimited students, unlimited data hosting, no transaction fees, and more.

As you can see, there are many platforms on the internet to teach whatever course you would like to teach. Of course, you can always go the simple and traditional route by teaching locally or through word of mouth. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you all the best!
If you do use any of these tools, I would love to hear your experience.

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My Most Recommended Resources for Bloggers

If you love blogging and would like to also monetize on it, one of the best things to start with is affiliate marketing. ShareASale allows you to have access to some of your favorite resources that you would love to share with your readers. The good part is, you also make a percentage of purchased items without the buyer paying anything extra! Basically, you get rewarded for exposing awesome resources to others!

Media.Net is one of the BEST alternatives to Google AdSense. It is very easy to set up by simply copying and pasting codes on your preferred spots on your blog. Not only that, the ads respond very well to the content of your blog. If there's anything you don't want to see, you can take it out. Media.Net may be new on the block, but it can easily compete with AdSense and even provide you with more revenue.

If you need an easy image editor with stunning free images, Desyner will be your best friend! for some reasons, I haven't seen many bloggers recommending this tool. It is very similar to Canva, so I'm not yet sure which of the two is my favorite. You don't have to be a graphic designer to easily put a gorgeous image together. It is easy to save your projects and even download images in PNG for free (something missing in Canva). There's also a premium plan which is very affordable and comes with more features.

If you aren't new to reading blogs, then you must have come across many bloggers recommending Grammarly. Let me tell you, they're right! Making typos is human; Grammarly helps minimize your mistakes by editing all your writings for free! Of course, if you want better and more features, there's also the premium plan.

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