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November 23, 2017

5 Companies that Will Pay You $7-$30/Hour to Do Customer Service from Home - Call Center

Customer service call center jobs are currently some of the most popular work from home jobs. Almost every company (big or small) needs some form of customer service. So if you fulfill the requirements and love speaking to people, then a work at home call center job may be perfect for you. Some companies hire call center agents directly, but other hire them through third-party firms; it's called BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing). It simply means they pay other companies who specialize in recruiting agents to take calls.

About: Working Solutions is a call center firm that takes care of other companies' customer service such as technical issues, sales, reservations,  and more. They hire agents to work from home as call center agents and payments are dependent on the company that hired them for the project.
Job Type: Independent contracting (not employee-based, pay your own tax and work equipment), call center, some data entry, other.
Location: Mostly U.S.A., international for some projects depending on the company (their clients)
Payment: By the minute, project, or sale. Expect $7.20-$30, mostly low.
General Review: For the most part, reviews seem to be good, but there are also negative reviews. Agents get paid by talk-minute or wrap-up time. It usually takes weeks to months to get a response after applying (assessments). Training is paid and all payments are usually on time. The job can be stressful because of constantly answering calls, but the flexibility of the job in terms of work hours balances it out. Most positions are temporary so compensation can be very low when little to no work is available. No benefit packages.

About: Advanis is a market an social research firm based in Canada.
Job Type: Call center (surveys/research interview),
Location: Canada
Payment: N/A
General Review: Flexibles work hours, paid training, and easy to join (not many qualifications). Breaks are too short and the job can be very repetitive. Agents are given scripts to read, but they often have too many grammatical mistakes. Being fluent in French, Spanish, or other languages is an asset.

Alorica at Home
About: Alorica at Home, previously known as West at Home, is an outsourcing call center company located in the U.S.A.
Job Type: Employment, call center, technical support, online chat, other.
Location: Many U.S.A. states, not all
Payment: Per call minute, average $7.20-$18 depending on Alorica's clients
General Review: After being hired, payment for a background check with the value $31.95 is required. Training is paid.

About: Seasonal customer service jobs from Amazon.com. Most positions are temporary.
Job Type: Employment, call center, seasonal
Location: Many USA state, sometimes international depending on the job
Payment: $10-$12
General Review: Payment is usually on time. Jobs are mostly seasonal, so it's hard to make a solid income.

About: A call center that hires for work at home jobs such as technical support, sales, and customer service
Job Type: Call center, employment
Location: USA (not all states, but most)
Payment: $10/hour; depending on position, you may get a commission as well.
General Review: Paid training, employment benefit, flexible,

I hope you'll find the best job that suits you. If you find success in finding a job from this list, message me and let me know! I would LOVE to hear your experience. Happy searching!

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