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November 30, 2017

Flexible Online Tutoring and Teaching Jobs - Huge List - Work at Home Trust

If you are a former teacher who loves teaching but would prefer working from the comfort of his/her home, keep reading. If you are a person who enjoys talking and helping others, then this post may be for you. If you're looking for a tutoring job to supplement your income or as a full-time income, then welcome! Let me share with you these online teaching and tutoring opportunities that I've found. Ready. Set. Go!

Wait... Before I continue, let's first talk about the difference between teaching and tutoring. Teachers are required to teach one or more in-depth subjects, whereas, tutors are often just helpers with subjects students either struggle or want to advance in. Teaching jobs usually require more qualifications and are often paid a little higher than tutoring. Another difference is that online teaching jobs don't usually require face-to-face (through camera) sessions with students, whereas, most tutoring jobs would require face-to-face tutoring. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's continue with the job opportunities.

Tutor Vista
Tutor students from anywhere in the world no matter where you are. Make your own flexible schedule. Current opinions are for Math, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, biology, and English. Applicants can still apply for other subjects for future openings. Sessions are usually 45 minutes long. Requirements include a Master degree in the subject area, but there may be exceptions. Apply by emailing your resume.

Chegg gives you more flexible tutoring opportunities from anywhere in the world. Make your own schedule, and get paid every week. Payment starts at $20/hour.

Two part-time positions available for Economics tutors in a North American company (primarily USA). The applicant is required to have a higher degree or graduate degree in a business discipline. You must have experience teaching or tutoring Microeconomics or Macroeconomics. You'd be working 8-19 hours a day on a fixed schedule during the semester or summer.

Tutor your subject of expertise from anywhere in the world. All you'd have to do is apply, take a subject exam to test your knowledge, get a mock session, do a background check, and start tutoring. Payment is monthly and depends on the subject taught. Schedules are flexible.

You'll find full-time and part-time tutoring jobs depending on your location. Make your own schedule.

Tutor Space
Tutor Space is currently urgently looking for Accounting tutors for fulltime freelance/self-employed positions. Candidate must have a degree in Accounting with 1-2 years of experience in tutoring. There are other positions such as Science, Economics, and English.

Aim for a Tutoring
Tutor K12 in Math, Science, or ELA. You must have a Bachelors degree or higher. Other requirements include being able to teach 5-10 students in a session, be available to work during the weekday from 5-8PM, and during the weekends from 9AM-12PM. Having a teaching certificate is preferred. To apply, email your resume.

Tuta Point
Get paid $14/hour plus bonus twice a month as an independent contractor to tutor from anywhere in the USA. You must have at least two years of tutoring experience.

Language Tutoring
English Hunt
Tutor English part-time (8-12 hours a week) and get paid $14.50/hour.A USA bank account is required to receive payments. You must have a TESOL certificate.

Get paid $13-$18/hour as a native English speaker to teach English part-time as an independent contractor. Tutoring sessions are 24 munites. Candidates must have a TESOL certificate.

A company in Europe looking for American, Canadian, or British citizens for corporate English tutoring positions. Candidates must be native speakers of English, have some college (university), but a degree is preferred. Find out more by visiting the website.

Tutor by simply chatting with anyone around the world. There are no experiences required and you can make your own schedule from anywhere in the world. Payment is $0.17/minute ($10.20/hour) and you get paid every Monday via PayPal.

Tutor part-time or full-time in subjects such as English, software development, data science, business, finance, accounting, real estate, legal, healthcare, and more.

Teach Away
Teach English as a second language or college (university) courses part-time or full-time. Applicants must be qualified teachers with experience in teaching. College-level teaching requires a master's or PhD degree.

Connection Academy
Join an online public teaching platform as a K-12 teacher. Applicants must have a Bachelors degree and a teaching certificate.

Become a teacher at a public online school. Package includes medical, vision, dental, and prescription benefits. Find out more.

Language Teaching
Teach English part-time to kids in China and make $14-$22/hour. Though hours are flexible, teachers are advised to work at least 7.5 hours per week. Find out more.

Get paid to teach a language you're fluent at anywhere in the worlds, as long as you have an internet connection. Make your own schedule teaching and students contact you during the time you're available. Earn credit points and redeem them as cash or through taking courses. The various payment methods are through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Allpay, and bank transfer via Payoneer.

Learn Light
Teach a language to anyone around the world from the comfort of your home.

iTutor Group
Teach English as a second language with flexible hours (at least 15 hours/week). To become a teacher, you must have a TESOL certificate, a degree or experience teaching ESL/TESOL, be computer literate, great communication skills, and more.

If you're a qualified teacher looking to work from home teaching English as a second language, this may be for you. Payments are sent before the 10th of every month.

Higher Ed Jobs
Find many teaching opportunities here.

This is a very popular job board, but not all jobs listed are remote.

Jobs are hand-picked here, so there is a subscription fee.

Online Course Platforms 

Now you have a huge list to bookmark and refer to if you need teaching or tutoring job opportunities. There are lots of legitimate work at home opportunities on the internet, you just have to keep looking. Or... I'll make it easy for you and provide you with the information, and you make your mind up based on your interest and qualifications. More opportunities coming soon.

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