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December 31, 2017

Do NOT Make these Blogging Mistakes that I Made - Work at Home Trust

December 31, 2017 2
I started blogging almost a decade ago, but it started out as a simple fun hobby. I've used multiple platforms, changed blogs, changed domain names, and took long breaks. It wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered the potential monetizing side of blogging; sort of. I've made mistakes that held me back from reaching my fullest potential; so I wouldn't want you to do the same.

Being impatient 
When I started blogging years ago, it was just for fun and I don't know if making money from blogging was a thing at the time. A few years later, I started a virtual admin business and learned that blogging was one effective way of getting clients. So, I stopped my previous blog and started a new one for the sole purpose of establishing my business. I started blogging by sharing the little knowledge that I had on various subjects related to my niche. But, unlike other times that I blogged, my only purpose for blogging was to create traffic towards the services that I offered and to get clients. I was impatient because I wanted to see all the success that I had envisioned.

Patience is a very important virtue in all aspects of life, especially for entrepreneurs. If you're looking for all the results rights away, you won't give yourself enough time to actually enjoy what you do, so as a result, it could be noticeable through your blogs. It's easy to quickly burn out without patience.

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Not being confident enough 
I did somehow have the confidence needed to blog, but I lost it all when I told family and friends about my blog. This may not directly be related to my virtual admin business, but it did affect me in the long run. I shut down a blog that was starting to become popular because I felt strange thinking that every time I published a post, some of the people who knew me would read my post and know what went through my mind sometimes. The crazy thing is that I was the one who shared my blog in the first place. They already knew me in real life, but for whatever reasons, I still felt strange about the whole thing. My blog was general. Some posts were about social issues, some about DIY projects, and others were about anything that crossed my mind and knew could benefit my readers.

It's okay not to want family and friends to know your online presence, but establish that firmly before sharing your blog. If you feel strongly about it, then don't share it at all. Make sure you're first ready and don't put yourself in a situation where you feel the need to shut down your blog. But, if you do decide to share it, know that most people may actually be supportive of what you do. I now don't fuss about people knowing my blog. I actually got supportive and kind comments when I shared it this time.

Not appreciating my efforts and 'success' enough 
Getting back to my virtual admin business, I didn't really appreciate my efforts and the milestones as I should have. It's okay to sometimes be a self-critique, but that's different from just being negative. I thought that I wasn't successful enough. I didn't give myself enough time to appreciate all the hard work I was doing. Within few months of blogging, I started getting thousands of views on each blog post. How did I not see that then? It goes to show that our perspectives greatly shape our experiences in life. Thousands of views per post is a great milestone for any blog! I guess I didn't know much about traffic. I also got multiple comments from readers thanking me for sharing great information. What was I expecting? Millions of view within only a few months? To be honest, I don't think I even thought much about the traffic; I just wanted to make a living because I was somewhat of a new graduate and broke. I wanted to start getting many clients. But, that only happens with consistency and perseverance. I can only image how much I've lost because I gave up.

Always recognize your own efforts and don't overlook the small milestones. You may want clients now, but maybe you should first focus on building your blog. Your blog is your portfolio, so work on it. While you're at it, have fun and be patient. If you enjoy what you do, it wouldn't seem like work or be as overwhelming as it may be if you didn't enjoy it.

Not learning about ads
Getting traffic didn't seem like a big deal to me because my blog had no advertisements. I did NOT like having third-party ads on my blog. I didn't know much about them, but I also didn't care to learn. I just didn't like the idea of not fully being in control of what my blog visitors saw. I didn't know that I could have blocked some keywords from showing certain ads and could have put a disclaimer on my blog informing my readers of anything they needed to know about the ads. Not everyone prefers to run ads on their blogs, but my reason for not doing so was mainly based on lack of knowledge.

Don't base your judgments on just thoughts; make research for confirmation. Make sure you make blogging decisions based on facts. You never know, the facts may change your mind; or not...

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Starting all over again
Needless to say, I did eventually stop blogging on my virtual admin blog. It was supposed to be a short break because many life-changing events happened, but it ended up taking years. When I finally decided to go back to virtual admin, I had already started my homeschooling blog where I share educational resources. I really enjoy blogging on my homeschooling blog, so I thought maybe I should only focus on that. Things changed a little bit and I wanted to share with my friends all the work-at-home jobs and business ideas I had found over the years. The best way I could think of was to start a blog dedicated to doing just that. I talk more about that on my About page. Now my focus isn't on getting clients as it was before. For me, that's a good thing because I can be patient, enjoy what I do, and of course eventually monetize my blog while I'm at it.

Anyways, a couple of days ago, it suddenly dawned on me that I could have used my old virtual admin blog as my new career blog! It was an established blog that had many views, was starting to get recognition, and I could have introduced this new path as the next chapter to my work-at-home career. But now that I've started a whole new blog with a whole new name, I believe that it'd be better to just continue here instead of going back and forth. At least now I know better and can advise others not to make the same mistakes.

I hope this was a read that would be beneficial to someone out there. I still have a lot to learn. And of the thing I've learned, I have a lot to implement. If you've made any of these mistakes, what have you learned from them? Any other tips or advice?
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December 26, 2017

10 Sites that Will Pay You $30 to $250 to Write Guest Blog Posts - Work at Home Trust

December 26, 2017 4

If you're a blogger, then you should know that submitting guest posts on other blogs boosts your presence on the Google search engine. The good part about that is that it gives your blog more visibility and increases your potential of earning through your blog depending on what you do. It also gives you a level of trust and credibility in the online world. If you're a freelance writer, before most companies agree to work with you, they want to first see samples of your work done for other companies or bloggers. To break through real hiring companies, guest posting would be very beneficial. Because of the benefits of guest posting, many bloggers look for other bloggers accepting guest posts to showcase their work. This is usually done for free because both parties benefit from it. The blog receiving the guest post gets extra content, and the guest poster receives more exposure and everything else I mentioned above. But did you know, there are some that are paid guest posts!?

Yes, you read it right! Some website owns and bloggers will pay you to submit guest posts. Because they receive content from guest posters, some would rather just pay people to write for them instead of waiting for people to contact them first. When it comes to money, people are willing to the extra mile to make that extra buck. Even on this blog, if I had the necessary fund to pay people to post regularly on my blog, I would have done so without thinking twice. Now let me quickly share with you some of the places you can make extra cash blogging for others.

1. Money Pantry 
Write about anything related to money and get paid between $30-150 per post.

2. Freelance Mom 
Get paid between $75-$100 if your article is accepted.

3. Raising Arizona Kids 
For Arizona residents only. They pay $50 for accepted web post and $250 for accepted featured publications.

4. Cosmopolitan 
Get paid to write almost anything and receive $100 if your post gets accepted.

5. The Penny Hoarder
Write 700-900 words about finance and make $75 (maybe, not 100% sure on this one)  if your post gets accepted. You have the potential to earn more depending on how successful your blog post gets.

6. BootsnAll
Write 1200-2000 words writing about travel and get paid $50 if your post gets accepted.

7. The Travel Writer's Life
Write 300-600 words and get paid $50-$200 writing about travels, getting interviewed, or giving specific financial advice.

8. Back 2 College
Write 1000-1500+ words and get paid $75-$135 writing about education.

This site requires 600-1000 words writing about holistic health and wellness and pays $50.

10. DesertUSA
Write 1200-1500 words about travel, geology, wildlife, and more and get paid $50.

If you want to make a living writing, don't just wait for people to contact you through your blog. Make the effort to look for people paying writers to write for them. Writing is very lucrative, but you have to put in the effort before getting recognized and getting clients. I wish you all the best!
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December 20, 2017

How to Decide What Career Path to Choose from the Many Choices - Work a Home Trust

December 20, 2017 0
Over the years, the number of work-from-home jobs and businesses have substantially increased. Many established businesses and big firms now hire virtual employees or contractors because of the benefits of remotely outsourcing. Many bloggers (like myself) share ideas on how to start a business from home or share lists of companies hiring. This is all exciting; but, there's a problem. It can get really overwhelming to swim through all that information and chose the right job or business. So, how can a person overcome that obstacle?

What makes having many choices overwhelming and how to overcome it

1. Not being sure where to start after having a list
This isn't unique to virtual jobs, but it's more emphasized here because the choices are usually at the click of a button. Usually, no one hands you a list of jobs to apply to in the non-virtual real life. We are required to work hard just to have the options. Now with the rise of technology and bloggers doing the necessary research, finding hiring jobs or business ideas has become very easy. But, there's a difference between having a list of hiring companies and getting a job; or knowing all the lucrative businesses out there and actually running one.

Start by crossing out the ones that you are not qualified to do and the ones you truly dislike. 
This may seem like common sense, but, based on experience and observing others, it doesn't always seem like common sense when you find yourself in the position of looking for a job or the right career path. When it comes to jobs we don't qualify for, we often apply anyway and hope to be given a chance. As for the jobs or business ideas we dislike, we think, "I may hate it, but there may be lots of money in it." These aren't necessarily negative attitudes to have because sometimes it's crucial to push ourselves to the limit. The problem here is giving attention to the more difficult choices when you could possibly be spending that time on jobs you could easily be hired or businesses you would love. When the options aren't many, we have no choice but to force ourselves to take what we have. But, doing the same with multiples career choices can quickly become draining. So it's important to cross out the least likely ones and first focus on the most likely ones. It doesn't mean that you wouldn't go back at one point to include some old options, but don't stress too much on them right now. Just try to move forward and make your experience as less stressful as possible.

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2. Not knowing your passion
Not knowing what you enjoy doing can hinder your choices. It's true that we don't all end up making a living doing what we're passionate about. But when you have many options, taking your passion into consideration can help you easily make a decision even with a list of a thousand jobs and business ideas. This is especially true for remote jobs and businesses because you would need something that motivates you to keep working hard. Working remotely doesn't usually involve being around people or being pushed to get things done. If you enjoy what you do, you wouldn't have to worry about finding motivation. I had a friend who worked remotely as a call center agent, but she hated it. She had a hard time dragging herself every day because it meant being forced to do what she hated doing simply because she wanted to earn money. She ended up quitting for something she had a passion for. I also worked temporally as a call center agent for a mobile phone company and dreaded each working day. To make matters worse, I was extremely sick at the time and barely pushed myself out of bed every day, with a high fever, only to work doing what I hated. I highly dislike speaking on the phone unless it's a friend or family member I'm comfortable speaking to. Doing that as a way to earn money was not a good experience for me. I hated it so much that I often forget that I once did work-from-home phone customer service.

My point is, know your passion and aim for a career path that nurtures your it. If you work from home doing what you love, no one would need to convince you to stay motivated.

3. Not knowing what you want to do
Irrespective of passion, if you know what you want to do for a living, this will shorten your long list of jobs and make your decision making smoother. This is also true with knowing what you do NOT want to do as in the case of phone jobs for me. Once I was able to determine what I did not want to do and what I could see myself doing, the rest was easy to handle. I then knew that it wouldn't be a waste of my time to work hard on applying for the rest of the jobs on the list or start a business that I liked. The amount of effort was reduced and I was no longer overly worried about the outcome because I was working towards something I actually liked.

4. Wanting to do it all to quickly maximize earning
The good part about having many options is that you aren't stuck with something you dislike simply because you have no other choice. Also, it is possible to successfully take multiple paths as long as there's a healthy balance and one isn't overwhelmed. But, the problem comes with wanting to do it all at ones with the intention of maximizing your earnings. If your only motivation is to quickly get rich, then you're setting yourself for disappointments and probably failure. I can't say that there aren't few people out there who got rich quick, but that's not the norm and most business "opportunities" with such promises are scams! Check out the post where I talked more about this subject. Just be realistic before starting, work hard, and hope for the best.

To round it all up, I would say to have an idea of what you want to do and what you would hate seeing yourself do. Try aiming for jobs you're passionate about because that may determine your success at getting the work done effortlessly. Cross out everything that doesn't seem like a good fit for the moment in order to first focus on your ideal type of job or business. Polish your resume if you have to and start applying for jobs. If you're into business instead, start gathering information about your selected business idea and start working towards making it a reality. My Start Here tab has some free printables that may be useful for you during this process. To get more free printables, subscribe to this blog to receive them through the blog stream right to your email. If you're completely unsure about what you really want to do, try talking to people or reading blogs of people in various niches. Get an idea of what it takes for them to do what they do, then brainstorm to figure out if you could do the same. Most importantly for me, as a Muslim who takes praying seriously, I always make it the center of my life through every decision making. If you're still confused and overwhelmed after taking all these steps, feel free to contact me and I could hopefully help you figure out what you want to do.
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December 17, 2017

15 Ideal Remote Jobs for Introverts - Work at Home Trust

December 17, 2017 0
There are many online jobs that cater to different people based on their qualifications, the languages they speak, and even their personalities. For introverts, it can sometimes be tricky or even intimidating to decide the types of jobs that do not require them to forcefully get out of their shells or make them uncomfortable. So, what does it mean to be an introvert anyway?

What does introvert mean?
Not all introverts are exactly the same, but generally speaking, introverts recharge when they are alone as opposed to recharging around people as in the case of extroverts. Being shy is a common trait of introverts, but did you know, not all introverts are shy. They are also usually known to be "anti-social," but this is actually not true for most introverts. They do tend to avoid huge gatherings because they get more energized with time alone, but it doesn't mean that they hate socializing. As an introvert, I get drained out when I'm constantly around people even though I do love socializing to a certain degree. I could talk, laugh, have fun, but I need my 'me-time' to boost my energy back up. I don't mind staying at home by myself for a long period of time because I enjoy my own company, don't easily get bored, and could easily get more things done without distraction. Of course, I do get bored sometimes and yearn for a company like everyone else.

What makes working from home an asset for introverts?
Based on my experience, I can definitely say that being an introvert helps me work more efficiently from home than on-site. I've had experience with both types of work environments, but I believe that as an introvert, certain qualities make introverts ideal for work-from-home.

To be able to successfully work from home, it is important to be independent and not expect to constantly be told what to do. Because introverts usually try to avoid confrontational situations, they prefer getting work done on their own terms, without waiting for instructions. Introverts don't usually wait for outside influence or nagging before finishing their tasks.

Goal Oriented
Introverts are usually goal oriented and would do anything to accomplish their goals without direct outside influence. This is a crucial quality needed when working from home because without setting goals, it becomes almost impossible to successfully hold a virtual job or a business.

Introverts usually work best when there's less distraction. As an introvert, I easily lose focus when people constantly talk to me when I'm working. I prefer quietness and being alone to get work done. Some people get bored and lose focus when they are alone for long periods of time. Always working alone can easily get them under stress or even depression. They often look for ways to get distracted or take multiple breaks to interact with other people. Even though they may still get their work done, the amount of distraction can lower their overall productivity. Being focused is important when working from home because it creates more productivity.

You can count on an introvert to hand you an assignment within a decided deadline because they are usually independent and focused. This means they are also dependable and wouldn't move on till they accomplish their tasks.

Because most introverts enjoy alone-time and can get more work done without distraction, they have enough time to think of new ideas. With new ideas come creativity. So, it is easier for introverts to start innovative projects that could benefit their businesses, the companies they work for, or people in general.

Ideal remote jobs for introverts
Jobs that don't require constant human interaction or talking on the phone are ideal for most introverts. This list may not be true for every introvert, but it should give you a general idea and a practical guideline if you're an introvert.

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1. Live Chat (Agent)
2. Forum Moderating
3. Proofreading
4. Editing
5. Transcription (general, legal, medical)
6. Graphic Design
7. Bookkeeping
8. Social Media Management
9. Pinterest VA
10. Translation/Interpretation
11. Research
12. Freelance Writing
13. Photographing
14. Blogging
15. Selling Homemade or Used Items

I hope this list will be helpful to an introvert out there who's undecided about the work-at-home career path to take. If you're an introvert, do you find this list accurate? If you have any additional suggestions, please share by commenting below.

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December 14, 2017

35 Ways to Make Money from Home - Work at Home Trust

December 14, 2017 2
Technology has come so far that it can now be used to make money. It gives the opportunity to many people around the world to connect and collaborate in many ways. It opens doors to thousands or even millions of people around the world who would rather stay home, earn a living, and take care of other responsibilities. There's an increasing number of mothers who prefer working from home. Motherhood is challenging (yet rewarding) as it is, so imaging letting your children go under the care of strangers every single day for long periods of time while you go out to earn a living. Many mothers are forced to do that because they have no choice. Some have to work to supplement the family's income, and others are the main brain-winners. A hand-full of them would rather raise their children full-time and yet not compromise on their living standards. That's where working from home comes into the picture. Thankfully, there are now many ways to earn a living from the comfort of your home.

1. Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant is a professional who assists small business owners, companies, non-profit organizations, or entrepreneurs to accomplish tasks that take time away from them accomplishing bigger projects. There's only so much one person can do. There comes a time when business owners have no choice but to outsource some of their tasks to someone else who either specializes in them or does general small tasks. As a virtual assistant, you can help in sales, outbound calls, email scheduling, research, virtual file archiving, or whatever skills you believe you can offer. You can start by creating a blog to showcase your expertise or by using freelance job boards.

2. Transcription
Transcription is when you turn an audio file into a written file. Companies usually need people to transcribe their voicemails, audio meetings, webinars, and more. There are different types of transcription jobs such as medical, legal, and general transcription. You don't have to have a degree to be a transcriptionist, but having skills like fast typing, attention to detail, and quick learning are important skills to possess if you want to be successful.
Some sites to find transcription jobs:
- Dion Data Solutions
Capital Typing (Hires sometimes, but currently isn't)
Quicktate and iDictate
Use Freelance Job Boards

3. Editing
If you're good at catching grammatical mistakes, you may want to try editing out. Most authors hire editors before publishing their books. Many bloggers also hire freelance editors to edit their blog posts before publishing. It makes the process smoother for them and gives them back the time they deserve to work on bigger projects.

4. Proofreading
If you're one of those people whose skin crawl when they see little errors while reading, proofreading may be for you. If you read, re-read, and read again your writing to make sure there are no typos, you may love proofreading as a career choice. The internet is full of writings with new articles published every single day, so there's always a need for proofreaders.

5. Course Creation
Are you an expert in a particular field or subject? If so, you can share your expertise with thousands of people who are willing to pay you to learn. Check these course creation platforms out.

6. Blogging
Start blogging about anything you're passionate about and can somehow help others.

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7. Freelance Writing
Writing is one of the most common ways of making money online because companies are always publishing articles and need help in doing so. Many establish blogs also hire freelance writers to help them publish resourceful blog posts. 

8. Ghostwriting
Ghostwriting is pretty much like freelance writing except the fact that you get no public credit for what you write. You get paid to write and that's it.

9. Tutoring/Teaching
You can tutor or teach anything from languages, Maths, to Science or other subjects.

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10. Website Testing
There are many companies ready to pay you to test their website to make sure they work properly and are user-friendly. The reason why they are willing to pay is that they could lose money if their websites aren't very clear or easy to navigate. So, by becoming a tester, you actually save them money.
Examples of sites to find testing gigs:

11. Product Testing/Reviewing
Be first to get access to products and services and get paid to give your honest opinion.
Examples of review sites:
- TestingTime (digital products)
- FameBit (owned by YouTube; get paid to review products)
- Socialix (write review blog posts)
SponsoredReviews (write sponsored posts as a blogger)
TestMakerMom (for moms get full-sized products or services to review; non-paying)

12. Sell Homemade Products
Make your own homemade products and sell them on sites such as Etsy, eBay, or on your own e-commerce site. I still do this. I sell body butter made from Shea Butter. You must be patient with this one. It can take time before you start selling unless your marketing strategies are very strong.
Ideas for products to make:
- Soap
- Body Lotion/Butter
- Lip Balm
- Beard Wax or Balm
- Hair/Beard Oil
- Body Scrub
- Face Mask

13. Crochet/Sewing
Do you know how to crochet or sew clothes? If so, make items such as baby clothes, blankets, dresses, sweaters, hats, scarfs, gloves, and more. You can sell your items on sites like eBay or Etsy. You can even sell them on an e-commerce site you create.

14. Sell Used Items
Buy second-hand items from thrift stores and resell them on eBay or similar sites. Many people make a full income from this. You may eventually need space for inventory if you buy big items or lots of small items.

15. Selling Printable Files
You can sell digital files like homeschooling/educational printables, planners, games, assessment sheets, and more. I sell printables on my homeschooling blog and TeachersPayTeachers even though I also give out free ones.

16. Sell Books and E-books 
Write a book and self-publish it on sites like CreateSpace. You can also publish digital books on sites like Amazon Kindle and Lulu.

17. Become an Expert/Consultant
If you're an expert in any given field or subject, you can make money by sharing your knowledge with others.
Examples of sites to sell your expertise:
- Ether (get a free Ether number, set rate, and take calls you want, and when you want)
- PrestoExperts
- JustAnswer
- AnywhereExpert (USA only)

18. Researcher
Earn money by making extensive research for companies. Like all other jobs/business ideas, you can also do this on your own by showcasing what you can do on your blog or by joining freelance sites. Even though the web is full of free information, it sometimes requires some research skills to successfully collect legitimate information. It also takes time. As a result, many people are willing to pay others to do the job for them.
Examples of sites to get researching jobs:
- Wonder
- Zintro
- Konsus

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19. Pinterest VA
If you're an expert at using Pinterest or are willing to learn and earn from it, give this a try. Pinterest is an image search engine that many bloggers and businesses use to expose their articles and blog posts to thousands and millions of people looking for valuable information. The problem is, if one doesn't know how to use it properly, it becomes almost impossible to properly advertise on Pinterest. Pinterest has extensively developed over the years and hundreds of bloggers have found success from there bringing them significant traffic to their blog. And if you're a blogger, you know that success in blogging lies heavily on traffic (number of people visiting and engaging on your blog or website). Because of this, small and big businesses are now paying Pinterest experts to take care of their accounts.

20. Social Media Management
Similar to Pinterest VA, businesses are now paying people to manage their social media accounts. As a social media manager, you would post articles, reply to comments, answer questions, and do everything that comes with business and social media for your clients.

21. Photography
If you have a good eye for amazing photography, why not take pictures and sell them online? Bloggers and website owners are always looking for images for their blog posts/articles. There are many free online images, but sometimes the images become so over-used by everyone that bloggers are willing to buy more unique images. You can take images of nature, books, computers, cellphones, or just about anything as long as they look clear, professional, big, and catchy.
Example of sites to sell your images:
- iStockPhoto
- Fotolia

22. Graphic Design
If you're good at making illustrations or making awesome photos, you may want to give graphic designing a try. As a graphic designer, you combine images and texts to create captivating messages as advertisements, magazines, brochures, and more.

23. Web Design
Are you good at making websites from scratch? If so, you got yourself a potentially lucrative business!

24. Use Your Car/Bike/Scooter to Make Money
You can use your car to drive passengers, deliver packages, shop for groceries, deliver food, add advertisement on your car, and more. Of course, you earn money doing so.

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25. Coach/Mentor
Have you ever thought of becoming a life coach? What about a business coach? As a life coach, you help people make positive changes in their lives to accomplish their goals. As a business coach, you help people figure out what they are best at and how to figure out the career path they should choose. You can also work as a mentor by helping people with personal development or supporting them in whatever they plan on accomplishing. 

26. Become a Doula
Set up a business to help and support (emotionally and physically) mothers during childbirth (birth doula) or after giving birth (postpartum doula).

27. Translation/Interpretation
Do you fluently speak more than one languages? If so, you can translate just about any document for individuals and businesses. You can also do telephone or video interpretation.
Examples of sites to find translation/interpreter jobs:
G3 Translate
Pro Z
Translators' Town
LanguageLine Solutions

28. Bookkeeping
If you're good with numbers and have some experience in accounting, you can help businesses with their financial transactions.

29. Customer Service
This is one of the most popular work from home jobs. If you enjoy speaking to people and have patience, doing telephone customer service may be good for you.

30. Become a Stylist
You can buy products from existing styling businesses at a reasonable price and resell them. Some products may be jewelry or clothes.
Examples of sites:
- Stella & Dot (become a stylist)
- Stella & Dot (refer other stylists)

31. Live Chat Agent/Social Media Moderator
Instead of being a call center agent, you could make money speaking to people through text! Not everyone is comfortable on the phone, so this is an alternative opportunity. There are also moderating jobs such as forum moderation, comment moderation, and more.
Example of sites to find live chat jobs:
- The Chat Shop
- ModSquad

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32. Youtube
Most of us know about this one. When Youtube first started, it was simply a way for people to connect with others and socialize. Today, people make hundreds, thousands, or even millions on Youtube! It's unbelievable how far Youtube has come. Now don't expect to just start a channel and make millions. Be realistic. It also takes time to build up the number of subscribers and viewers. With Youtube, what's most important is how many people watch and engage with your videos.
Some things you can do on Youtube:
- Cooking channel
- Product review
- Advertise your business
- Educational videos
- Post existing videos that you have permission to use (i.e. about animals, kids cartoons, etc)
- And more
Some  of the ways people make money from Youtube:
- Ads
- Sponsored products

33. Childcare
Get paid to take care of children in your local community. Decide if you prefer babies, toddlers or bigger kids. Set your rates, days, and number of days you want to work in a week. Advertise by word of mouth among friends. Make sure to first learn about all the legal requirements in your city.

34. Mystery Shopping
Many companies hire mystery shoppers to evaluate their company's customer service. As a mystery shopper, you call various companies and pretend to 'shop' just to see how they deal with customers. This helps companies determine how their representatives talk to customers and find ways to make positive changes if needed. It saves them money in the long run.
Examples of mystery shopping site:
- Perception Strategies (medical)
- Yardi Matrix (seasonal; real estate)

35. Side Hustles/Extra Cash
There are also ways to make extra cash while you work on your main business or job. You can take online paid surveys, get paid to host people in your home, run errand for others, do small tasks on Amazon or on other sites, and much more.

As you can see, there are many ways to make money from home. You just have to decide what's best for you and go for it. No one can possibly do it all, but it may help you to try multiple income streams without overwhelming yourself. When you become successful or reach certain milestones, outsourcing some of your tasks will help you maximize your time and income.
Have you tried any of the jobs listed here? If you have any more ideas that aren't listed, feel free to share in the comment section.
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December 10, 2017

34 Ways to Get Paid to Drive Your Own Car/Scooter/Bike - Work at Home Trust

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If you haven't yet heard it, let me tell you; there are now many ways to make extra cash or a full income using your personal car! No, I'm not only talking about taxi. The driving opportunities I'll now share with you also involve absolutely no passengers! All you'd need to do would basically be to drive from one place to another dropping food or package orders. Okay, these may not be working from the comfort of your home, but hey, they are still very flexible. Basically, you can work whenever you want (for most of them), and there isn't really a specific limit to how much you can make. Don't expect to get rich, but you could certainly pay your bills and have much more left if you work hard enough. There are also other ways you can use your car to make money. So, what are these opportunities? Let's get right into the list.

Deliver food 
Set your own time and get on the road to deliver food whenever you want and for however long you want. You don't have to wait for a whole week or two get paid because payments are sent within 48 hours. Expect to make between $8-$20/hour on average depending on the city where you work.
You must be 21 or older with a valid license and insurance. You can also use a reliable scooter or bike to deliver food.
Location: North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Austria & New Zealand 
Check available cities

Pick up and deliver food using your own reliable car, bike, or scooter as long as you are 18 and older with a license and insurance.
Expect to make $5-$15+ per order because you get to keep all the tips given by customers.
Location: USA

Decide when you want to work, get on the app, and start picking up food deliveries with your car, scooter, or bike.
Location: Various USA cities
Set your own hour to deliver food and make about $10-$15 an hour using your car or bike. You must be at least 19 or 21 in Chicago, have 2+ years of driving experience, you must own an iPhone with iOS 8 or higher, or an Android with 4.0 or higher with a data plan, have a valid drivers license (a valid state ID for bikes), insurance, checking account, and pass a background check.  
Location: Various USA cities

Become an employee for EatStreet and make $12-$20/hour delivering food using your car or bike (depending on the city).
Location: Various USA cities

Use your car or bike to deliver healthy meals as long as you're 21 or older. When working for Munchery, you become an employee. Employee benefits include health, dental, and vision for full-time employees, food discounts, competitive compensation, and open vacation policy. You also get a reimbursement of fuel and mileage. You must have a valid license, insurance, and a smartphone to work for this company.
Location: Various USA cities

Become a driver "personal assistant"
Make between $10-$18/hour delivering anything from food to dry cleaning. You can work whenever you want and for however long you want. You must be 18 or older, have a reliable transportation, a clean record, and a smartphone (iPhone or Android). By the way, you receive 100% of your tips.
Location: Texas

Deliver packages 
Amazon Flex (USA)
Make $18-$25/hour delivering packages. Set your availability and go on the road to be your own boss. You just need a vehicle and a smartphone (Android or iOS phone).
Location: Various USA cities

Amazon Flex (UK)
Make £12-£15/hour delivering packages to doors. You just need a vehicle and a smartphone (Android or iOS phone).

Drive to deliver packages/parcels as long as you have a car, insurance, and are familiar with your local area.
Location: UK

Work flexibly by delivering package/parcels. You can make as much as £100 a day.  Benefits include discounts on fuel, breakdown cover, and more.
Location: UK

Deliver groceries
Earn up to $25/hour shopping and delivering groceries using a reliable vehicle of 15 years or younger. You must be 18 or older, have a valid U.S. drivers license and insurance, have an iPhone (iOS 8 or newer) or an Android (4.4.2 or newer), pass a background check, and have the ability to lift 25+ pound. You should also have knowledge of produce selection and have insulated cooler bags.
Location: Various USA cities

Make $9-$20/hour shopping and delivering groceries and keep 100% of your tips.
Location: Various USA cities

Drive people
Most of us have probably heard of or taken Uber by now. It is very safe for both the driver and passengers because of the tracking of cars (along with details of cars and drivers). Both drivers and passengers can be rated, so people are usually careful and hope to leave a good impression. Depending on your city, you could easily make $20+/hour.
Location: Global (check to see if your country/city is included)

Similar to Uber, you can work flexibly with Lyft using your own car to drive passengers to their destination and make an average of $10+ per ride. Payment is fast (immediate or weekly). You must be 21 or older among other requirements.
Location: USA

If you have a luxury car that is as new as 2011 or newer, this may be for you. Check for more detail.
Location: New York City

HopSkipDrive is powered by parents and caregivers. You can work by driving your own care to give rides to kids and can make up to £30/hour. You can work whenever you want and accept rides that work for your schedule.
Location: California

Get Paid to put advertisement on your car
Put advertisement of businesses on your car, drive it, and get paid! Check the list of companies below. Each company has its own requirements. You can make few hundreds of dollars a month.
Free Car Media
AdsToGo (USA)
Car Quids
Rollin' Ads

Rent out your car
Do you want to make extra cash by allowing others to rent your car for a short period of time? You have many options. Just go through the list below and check the requirements of each company.

Rent your parking space
This one was a shocker for me! I had never heard of renting out parking space before! It's interesting how far technology has come. If you live in a busy area such as downtown areas or airports, this may work for you. Check these two companies out and see if renting out your parking space is something you may consider.

Some of these opportunities are pretty cool! I wish they were available in my city when I was in college (university) because I had times when I was sick and couldn't do much for myself. Getting someone to help me with groceries would have been really helpful. Maybe they were around and I just wasn't aware of them. Oh well... Anyways, you have many options to make money, so don't let another day go by without making plans or actually starting your journey of earning. You may not get rich from all these opportunities, but you can make enough of an income to take care of your needs. A little extra cash on the side can also be useful. Not all opportunities are for everyone, but there are always many other options. Keep looking and you may find the right one for you. I wish you all the best.
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December 04, 2017

Can You Make a Good Side Income Doing Online Surveys? - Work at Home Trust

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If you're a work-at-home job hunter, then you've most likely come across online surveys as a way to make extra income. It is one of the most popular ways for extra cash because it doesn't require experience or too much energy (usually).

When people take surveys by sharing their opinions and experiences on different products or life in general, it helps brands determine the best market strategies for their businesses. This eventually saves them a lot of money. So, even though it takes you little time to conduct a single survey, it may help a business save a significant amount of money.

Many career bloggers recommend survey taking as a side hustle, but they also make it clear that it is not a get-rich side hustle. Even on this blog, I've shared some survey sites for those interested.

Now the question is... are online surveys worth it? Can you make a sustainable side income with them? Let me share my honest opinion.

Yes, taking surveys can bring easy money; but how much? At what cost? It may not cost anything or take much effort, but it can eventually take a lot of your time before you're able to make an almost decent side income. If you really want to make it worth it, taking multiple surveys a day may help. Keeping that in mind, be advised that some surveys can take up to 20 or more!

Some survey sites don't always have surveys available. Also, depending on your location and qualification (based on your previous answers), you may not get a lot of surveys. The best alternative would be to sign up for multiple sites. Most survey sites have multiple ways to earn. Besides taking surveys, you could earn by searching the web, answering to polls, watching videos, referring others (usually makes more than taking surveys), or even doing small tasks such as data entries.

As I mentioned above, to eventually make an almost decent side income, you would have to take many surveys. It would probably be a good idea to also sign up for multiple survey sites to make the effort worth it. The reason why it takes a lot of time to pile up money is that the payment for each completed survey is very low. That may be expected because all you really do is answer questions and there is usually not a right or wrong answer. But here's the catch. On some sites, you may get disqualified from a survey while taking it; based on your answers. That becomes a waste of your precious time and you earn nothing. Not all survey sites have this issue, but it's best to keep this in mind before considering surveys. While taking surveys, you can make anywhere from few cents a survey to $5 depending on the company and what you qualify for. Don't expect to always make $5.

Cashing out
Despite the fact that it can take very long to accumulate money on survey sites, most have a minimum payout. Just because you have $10 on your account doesn't mean you can cash it out if the minimum payout of that company is $25 for example. You'd have to wait until you have the minimum amount. Some companies also reward in points, not cash. This means you'd have to redeem your points by first converting them into cash or gift cards. Let's say 1,000 is equal to $2. So if you have 10,000 points, you could exchange them for $20. Some companies directly give cash instead of points. Some only give gift cards in exchange, but I believe others give you the option to get your cash through PayPal or other payment methods.

Even though you don't share your very personal information such as name and address for each survey, a lot of what you share could still be personal. I have taken surveys before and found them too invasive in my personal life and preference. Not everyone will have this reaction. It may defer from person to person.

So, can you make decent money?
Yes and no. It all depends on the time you put in it, how many survey sites you sign up for, and which companies you choose. But decent money does NOT mean in the thousands when it comes to surveys! If you do REALLY well, maybe few hundreds will do (most likely impossible for the average person). This may be worth it depending on where you live. If you live in a country where $100 means a lot and the cost of living is low, it may be a good side income for the time put in taking surveys. But if you live in countries where the cost of living is very high, this whole thing may be a waste of your time unless you only do it during your spear time.

My opinion
From personal experience and preference, I DON'T think taking surveys online is a good source of side income. I respect that people are different and have different preferences and opinions, which is the reason why I shared some survey sites on my blog. I'd just rather spend that extra time doing research and building my own business or spending time with my family. Again, we are all entitled to our opinions, so I'm just sharing mine in the most honest way possible.

After reading all this, if you still want to try out surveys, here are few sites I can recommend for now.
Surveys Sites

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below.
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