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December 04, 2017

Can You Make a Good Side Income Doing Online Surveys? - Work at Home Trust

If you're a work-at-home job hunter, then you've most likely come across online surveys as a way to make extra income. It is one of the most popular ways for extra cash because it doesn't require experience or too much energy (usually).

When people take surveys by sharing their opinions and experiences on different products or life in general, it helps brands determine the best market strategies for their businesses. This eventually saves them a lot of money. So, even though it takes you little time to conduct a single survey, it may help a business save a significant amount of money.

Many career bloggers recommend survey taking as a side hustle, but they also make it clear that it is not a get-rich side hustle. Even on this blog, I've shared some survey sites for those interested.

Now the question is... are online surveys worth it? Can you make a sustainable side income with them? Let me share my honest opinion.

Yes, taking surveys can bring easy money; but how much? At what cost? It may not cost anything or take much effort, but it can eventually take a lot of your time before you're able to make an almost decent side income. If you really want to make it worth it, taking multiple surveys a day may help. Keeping that in mind, be advised that some surveys can take up to 20 or more!

Some survey sites don't always have surveys available. Also, depending on your location and qualification (based on your previous answers), you may not get a lot of surveys. The best alternative would be to sign up for multiple sites. Most survey sites have multiple ways to earn. Besides taking surveys, you could earn by searching the web, answering to polls, watching videos, referring others (usually makes more than taking surveys), or even doing small tasks such as data entries.

As I mentioned above, to eventually make an almost decent side income, you would have to take many surveys. It would probably be a good idea to also sign up for multiple survey sites to make the effort worth it. The reason why it takes a lot of time to pile up money is that the payment for each completed survey is very low. That may be expected because all you really do is answer questions and there is usually not a right or wrong answer. But here's the catch. On some sites, you may get disqualified from a survey while taking it; based on your answers. That becomes a waste of your precious time and you earn nothing. Not all survey sites have this issue, but it's best to keep this in mind before considering surveys. While taking surveys, you can make anywhere from few cents a survey to $5 depending on the company and what you qualify for. Don't expect to always make $5.

Cashing out
Despite the fact that it can take very long to accumulate money on survey sites, most have a minimum payout. Just because you have $10 on your account doesn't mean you can cash it out if the minimum payout of that company is $25 for example. You'd have to wait until you have the minimum amount. Some companies also reward in points, not cash. This means you'd have to redeem your points by first converting them into cash or gift cards. Let's say 1,000 is equal to $2. So if you have 10,000 points, you could exchange them for $20. Some companies directly give cash instead of points. Some only give gift cards in exchange, but I believe others give you the option to get your cash through PayPal or other payment methods.

Even though you don't share your very personal information such as name and address for each survey, a lot of what you share could still be personal. I have taken surveys before and found them too invasive in my personal life and preference. Not everyone will have this reaction. It may defer from person to person.

So, can you make decent money?
Yes and no. It all depends on the time you put in it, how many survey sites you sign up for, and which companies you choose. But decent money does NOT mean in the thousands when it comes to surveys! If you do REALLY well, maybe few hundreds will do (most likely impossible for the average person). This may be worth it depending on where you live. If you live in a country where $100 means a lot and the cost of living is low, it may be a good side income for the time put in taking surveys. But if you live in countries where the cost of living is very high, this whole thing may be a waste of your time unless you only do it during your spear time.

My opinion
From personal experience and preference, I DON'T think taking surveys online is a good source of side income. I respect that people are different and have different preferences and opinions, which is the reason why I shared some survey sites on my blog. I'd just rather spend that extra time doing research and building my own business or spending time with my family. Again, we are all entitled to our opinions, so I'm just sharing mine in the most honest way possible.

After reading all this, if you still want to try out surveys, here are few sites I can recommend for now.
Surveys Sites

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below.

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