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Welcome to Work at Home Trust.
If you are new here, before you begin, please read the Disclosure and Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. Continue with the blog only if you agree with what you read.

Not sure about what you really want to do? Start with this simple free Work at Home Planner outline printable. Brainstorm and fill it in to give yourself a clearer picture of where you are, what you want, and how you plan on getting there. Before continuing, check the Work at Home Advice tab.

Now, let me give you a simple guideline on how to use this blog and benefit from it.
If you're looking for legitimate companies that are hiring for work at home jobs, go to the Job tab to view all the current posts about jobs. Below the Job tab, you will find various categories such as Non-Phone jobs (writing, editing, chat, etc), International Jobs (available globally), and more. Look out for the current hiring jobs that will move from right to left. You can click on them to take you to the detailed posts. You will find categories with more specific job or business descriptions (i.e. blogging, writing, e-commerce, and more) at the bottom right corner of this blog.

Keep track of your applied jobs by noting down all the jobs you have applied to and the ones pending. Here is a free work at home Job Application Checklist printable.

For Business Ideas, do the same and go to Business Advice for information on how to take proactive steps towards building a business.
You may want to start with Work at Home Advice for general information and tips on work at home jobs and businesses. If you found success in working from home and would like to share your story, contact me to share your story through a guest post or interview.

If you have a business and would like to submit a job lead, go to the Advertise tab tab. Beware, each job submission is thoroughly verified for legitimacy to avoid scams as much as possible. Only jobs that I'm convinced are legitimate after extensive research will be accepted. Prices are subject to changing at any time without notice.

If you have further inquiries after browsing through the blog, do not hesitate to comment or contact me by using the contact form below.

I hope this was helpful. I wish you all the success possible!